Nikerbee's Siberian Huskies

AKC Siberian Huskies


 Accepting deposits for a litter due around December 23rd making them available late February.

 Please contact us if interested. 

Please fill out the puppy application and feel free to call us 3306100298 or email us for more details.


                     Nikerbee's Siberian Huskies

Siberian Information

Siberian Huskies come from the working group.

Recognized By:AKC, UKC,CKC, ACR, FCI, CKC, FCI. 


Black:Jet Black, Black and White, Sillver Black., Reddish BlackGrey:  Wolf Grey, Silver Grey, Medium Grey. Seal Grey, Agouti, Brown, Copper, Orange Copper, Chocolate Copper. Red Copper, Sable, White:Buff and White., Pure White, Isabella White, White and Black, Grey, or Copper.

Average Life span is 11-13 years

Average litter size is 6-8 pups

20 to 22 in at the shoulder

35 to 50 lbs.

stands 21 to 23.5 in high at the shoulder

35 to 60 lbs.

Common health issues are, eye problems and hip dysplasia

Common complaint: Will run away if not leashed or contained by a fence at ALL times.

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