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Nikerbee's Siberian Huskies

AKC Siberian Huskies


Hi Laura!

Just wanted to let you know that we got home safely and easily!! Lena is just a doll! She kept us up a little last night, but we love her!!! Our dogs are getting used to her, and they've started playing together already. She's sweet, calm, and curious - thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy! My mom has been taking a bunch of pictures. As soon as she puts them on the computer, I will send them on to you!

Talk to you soon and enjoy the peace!!


Bandit & Brownie



Dewey is growing fast! He is smart and a quick learner….when he wants to be. We will try to send some pictures. He is really handsome and sweet too. He likes to torment our cat but overall they tolerate each other. Once we work out all of these puppy kinks he is going to be a pure joy.

Robin (Christian’s mom