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Nikerbee's Siberian Huskies

AKC Siberian Huskies


Shadow got a shave and today was neutered.(?) he is a bit lame right now so

we are pampering him big time. He is a love! I hesitated on today but in the

long run I think he will be happier. He keeps us busy but is a big part of

the family. Thanks for the wonderful dog you helped bring into our life. I truly think he knows how spoiled he has it here .Anyway he loves boating and swimming and plenty of baths today after his run in with the

skunk. Let me know your thoughts on the fence with a husky. Nice to have this ongoing contact and information.

Just to let you know Shadow is doing wonderful. He is a very happy well rounded year old pup. He is smart as can be and is spoiled rotten. I must say the first year as I knew was like having a baby in the household. He came around quick as he realized he was very much loved. He continues to adapt and loves every moment of being spoiled. I will send you some pictures soon so you can see how he has grown. I must say thank you again.