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Nikerbee's Siberian Huskies

AKC Siberian Huskies

Dave-Ohio                           4-8-2016

He was a pup from September 11th. 2012

Nala was his mother

Thanks For a wonderful dog!


Lisa- Ohio                                                                                                                                                                                          4-8-2016 update

Having grown up with huskies as a child, when my husband and I decided we were ready for a puppy of our own there was no doubt in my mind we were looking for a husky puppy. While searching breeders online we found Nikerbee’s page and the rest is history. Laura was amazing through the whole process giving us updates, pictures and answering any questions we had. When we went for the first visit it was evident that she and her family cared about each and every one of their dogs and puppies. Blaze was from a Turbo/Nala litter and we took him home in May 2013. This year we celebrated his 3rd birthday and we are thankful every day to have him in our family. Thank you Nikerbees!! If you are considering a husky puppy from a breeder - We highly recommend Nikerbees! ~ Lisa & Steve H.



Thanks again so much for letting us get a puppy. I can't begin to tell you how much we apriciate it. Kasza (kasha) is doing great. She just had her first vet appointment today and the vet said she is in good health. Our vet also commented about your contract saying you not only care about your huskies but you care about the litters to and was very impressed. We went over the contract together so they could make a care plan in accordance with the contract. The only question that was raised was the spay. They like to do it around 5 months if that is ok.

She has a personality that is awesome. Kasza and her sister (older dog)enjoy playing with each other and are getting along very well. Mercedes has all ready taught her how to go outside to the bathroom rather than in the house. She hasn't had an accident since friday night in the house. She is a very smart girl and a fast learner also.

Here are some pics


Heyy :) thanks... Yea she is doing a lot better... She still cries when I leave but everytime I come back she is fine... She actually goes in her crate sometimes just by her self and plays with a toy with the door open. I bought her a big comfy dog bed, so she sleeps on that, next to my bed now. Lol... Potty training is coming along pretty good... A couple accidents here and there... But I think she is doing well. Thanks for keeping in touch.


Both pups are doing well. There was the ususal crying the first night, but they have been good since then. We are in the midst of the housebreaking - the worst chore about having puppies - but these cuties are worth it! We will send some pics soon!

Thanks Laura!

Andrea and Leo


 Hi Laura,

Just a note so let you know that Timber is doing very well and is completely house broken already (since about 3 weeks ago!!) He is very smart and beautiful and everyone is in love with him!! thanks so much, he has brought us so much happiness!! take care, Lisa Neill 


Hi Laura. Thought you might like to see a pic of Shasta. She is growing so fast!! She is doing really good. Very, very full of energy! Wow, it has been a long time since we had a puppy and we kinda forgot how crazy they can be. You know, old dogs that just lay around all the time are alot different that puppies!!!!!! The girls adore her! She is finally starting to sleep better at night. For the first about 2 weeks she barely slept at all. And she is doing great at potty training!! She loves to lay on the registers, especially when the air condition is running!!!



    I wanted to thank you again for this wonderful puppy! She is already potty trained and does a few tricks. She’s the most intelligent pup that we know. She hasn’t had one accident in the house. We took her to the vet Christmas Eve and everything is good. We take her again in 3 weeks. She got SO many Christmas presents. I think this picture is so cute of her! Thank you so much.. we love her! We hope you had a very Merry Christmas

To see a video of dakota go to this page and look for Dakota


Hi Laura!

   Dakota gets spayed on monday the 16th and also gets microchipped. I'm afraid to get it done because of the stitches even though I know I have to and need to. Even though my vet will tell me how to keep her from biting them and keep her comfortable, how do I keep her away from them? It really scares me when we're gone and she's in her cage.

   She also graduates from her puppy class at petsmart on sunday! the trainer wants us all to bring our cameras so i'll have to send you some. She is going to go straight into an intermediate class.. she is so well behaved for a puppy. We have to go for our daily 2 hour walk now that we do every night before bed so she sleeps through the night - thanks! - erica.


Hi Grandma

just doing fine My sister Nami plays with me and defended me at the next door neighbors dog and my name is Tami not tammy but ( tu-my) it is Comache for little brother,Nami is comache for little sister so we match!!!!!!!! cool huh? I love you talk to soon

Love Tami, Robin (mom)


Hi Laura,

Its Jason and Sonja from Ohio. We have feebie and boomerangs boy. We named him Asa. Here are some pics of him. We absolutely love him. Thanks,

sonja and jason


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