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Nikerbee's Siberian Huskies

AKC Siberian Huskies


Hi Laura,

I just wanted to let you know how the pup is doing. We named him Novah! He has adjusted well. The first couple nights were rough, lol, but he soon got used to sleeping in his kennel alone. He still cries a little bit but only for about 10 minutes then he is passed out. He loves to chase after the kitty and surprisingly she is quite tolerant of him. She talks a tough game but I can tell she enjoys a good romp. We have been to the vet for a consultation and a worm check up. Everything is all good there. He is scheduled for a vaccination on Monday, and a few follow-ups thereafter. His potty training is great. He had the hang of it after the first 2 days. He may have the occasional accident if I'm not paying attention but other than that he runs to the door if he needs to go. We are going to be taking puppy training classes at petsmart after he gets all his shots. I definitely have seen his personality coming through over the last several days, and he is getting a little sassy when he is reprimanded. He has already learned some manners and behavioral rules. He understands "sit", "come", and of course "no", haha. I have attached a few pictures of him. They were taking a few days after we got him and some last week. He is already bigger than in these photos. He is growing like a weed! Thanks again for this wonderful addition to our family!

Michelle and Larry

Hi Laura!

We just wanted to say hello and update you about Novah. We moved to TeXas and Novah loves it here! We take him to the beach quite often and he runs up and down the shore like crazy, haha. We started training at petsmart and he is doing great. I don't want to brag, but, he is at the head of his class! I am constantly amazed with how smart he is and how fast he learns. I think it took him 10 minutes to know what a "biscuit" is and what he has to do to get one. Everybody loves him and he is always getting compliments about how beautiful he is. His markings are getting more prominent. He is still mostly white except for his mask and a very faint gray strip on his back. We go on walks daily and right now we are learning to not pull, which is definitely not something he wants to do, lol. He is doing fine with warm weather. He is in air conditioning most of the time, so I have know idea when he is going to blow his coat for the first time. I have sent some pictures for you to see.

Thanks again!

Michelle and Larry  


Laura, Congratulations on Jack. I will tell Lucy her daddy did good!!!!

Lucy is beautiful, sweet, total husky, climbing like a monkey, which is a hoot and smart. Her coloring is also getting darker as her white puppy hair is going away. I have no doubt if I ever wanted to show her I could let some one do it and she would do well , but we just love her as our pet. my daughter still picks her up upon occasion and she is almost 30 lbs!