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Nikerbee's Siberian Huskies

AKC Siberian Huskies


We have had a wonderful experience with our two dogs. Our "family" grew by two three years ago. We enjoy them daily and can't say enough good things about their personalities. Both are sweet, but are very different. Rizo, is more like a typical family dog, likes to play fetch, shake and follows us everywhere we go. He lays on our feet at night. Wrigley, is a little more layed back and just enjoys life. He pretends to be the "sweet" one, but is really the more mischievious of the two. Our experience with Laura was wonderful. She was willing to answer our questions before and after we got the dogs. They even met us half way to exchange them.

Amy, Joe, Joey and Josh

In 2016 my youngest and his wife were being stationed at Fort Drum. They had a dog prior to this but it did not work out and I new the pain that they felt. So I told my son, Clayton, that I would get them a dog as a gift and surprise for his amazing wife Aimee. Having our last name, Wolf, we always had a soft spot for Siberians. So I began a search as time was short with Christmas coming and 2 months after that my son being deployed. After talking to several breeders with no luck I found Nickerbee's. After explaining to Laura the spot that I was in, even though this was not her problem, she understood and allowed me to send her the deposit and choose her last male. To this day I don't know if they are just nice folks at Nickerbee's or if they just appreciate the military or both. But their extreme kindness, not to mention the amazing quality of Siberian Husky that they breed, not only made a young military couple happy but gave Aimee the best buddy during that long lonely time.

Walt Wolf

Very Happy Army Dad

[email protected]

In March our Strider will celebrate his 2nd birthday. He was the runt of the litter, but has grown to be the most beautiful dog I have ever owned. People are constantly commenting on his gorgeous looks and sweet face. He even has a sweet temperament to go along with his looks. He is learning how to be a productive sled dog as well. Thank you Laura. We love him!!!

Terri King

Prettiest Dog Ever

[email protected]

My mother and I picked up Harley Angle in the summer of 2007. Harley will be five come this may, and as crazy as some of the years have been with her, I wouldn't have changed them for anything! Dealing with Laura was an easy experience and i got a great dog from it. We are local to the town were Nikerbee's is at, so it was close and easy to get her. I will admit huskies are a lot of work, very friendly and Harley loves being around people. She also will talk to you. I would recommend Nikerbee's to any looking to own a Husky!

MIke Biegenwald

[email protected]

We brought home Niko in January of 2011 and we could not be happier. Niko is a wonderful dog, full of energy and love, and recently had a new addition to the family 3 weeks ago with our son and were amazed at how well Niko did with him. He has become very protective over him and has immediately taken to his little brother. We had a wonderful experience at Nikerbees, Laura has been wonderful and has always been available with any questions or concerns. The adoption process was painless, and we have been amazed at how many compliments we receive on how beautiful of a dog Niko is. We would absolutely recommend Nikerbees to anyone in a hearbeat!

Chris and Brianne

[email protected]

Laura blessed our house with Mya in January 2011, we couldn't have asked for a better dog. Her personality and temperament are what makes her such a blessing. She was extremely well socialized with other animals, which made her a great addition with our other dog. Laura has made it easy to contact her since then with any questions or concerns we've had since purchasing her. She does truly care about the well being of her animals and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Danielle & Jordan

[email protected]

Laura blessed our house with Pyro the day after Christmas 2008. Pyro is blooming into a wonderful girl. She is AKC pointed and is taking time off to mature before going back into the ring. Pyro has the sweetest temperament and is totally a Daddy's Girl. Thank you Laura for this ball of fur.



My first dog on my own away from my parents, and I did a bit of looking--knowing that I wanted a husky. Laura was close to my current residence and when I inquired about her dogs and available puppies, she was very prompt and informative. I've had Ianto since '09 and he is the best dog I could have asked for; intelligent, funny, active, loving and so beautiful! I tell anyone who asks where I got him from. If I ever feel the need to have another dog in the future, I would definitely go to Laura and recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great dog.


Alexis &Nick

[email protected]

Laura could not have given me anything better. I started off as just buying one pup from her and that was Max. I went to see him and I got to meet mom and dad and I new right away I wanted another. We brought Max home and two weeks later we had Mia. Laura is a great breeder, she cares about her pups and is very protective on where they go. Laura has great quality and would not sell to just anyone. The whole time we were waiting to bring Max home, Laura was always up to date on what the pups were doing and posting pictures and e-mailing me so we can see for ourselves how cute they were and how they were growing. Max and Mia are by far the most awsome dogs I have ever owned. They are playfull, they love my kids, they are very intellegant and Mia is an awsome leader. Max is my dominator but Mia is my leader (kinda weird) but that is who they are. If I were to buy another siberian husky I would 100% go to Laura

When I picked up my little Brodie I could not be happier. He has the greatest personality ever. Brodie was practically house broken when I picked him up it seemed...I have not had a hard time with him at all. Because Brodie was so well socialized with the other dogs he has really taken up to my dog and cats with no problem at all...I was actually quite suprised. Laura is an excellent breeder and very informative at ALL times. I searced for a good month for the right breeder and my searches kept leading right back to Laura at Nickerbees. Laura takes excellent care of her dogs and the area in which they live. Every step of the way Laura was there to give me constant updates, pictures, and to answer any questions I may have had. I am very satisfied with my pup and my choice of breeder. I would recommend Nickerbees to anyone looking for a pup.

I recently bought a puppy of Laura in June 2013 and picked her up in august. I was extremly satisfied and greatful for all of there cooperation Laura was willing to work with me on the price and even brought her halfway so that i could bring her home without a 10 hr drive. I am very happy with my new baby and will recommend Nikerbees to anyone looking for a husky pup.Quotes

Jessica Newton

Proud New Mom

[email protected]

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